Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mixed games are fun

And sometimes the best hands hold up. I managed to win the first NL/LHE mixed tournament held at the regular Friday poker club.

I got a lot of chips early when I nut-peddled a flopped ace-high flush vs. this poor unfortunate who flopped a straight with a 1-out straight flush redraw. Action was multiway and I was able to get the betting capped on the turn when the bets got big, which was rather clever of me if I do say so myself. 3 to the river and I got paid off in spades (literally). Then I subsequently took half of his stack in a NL hand with my AA vs. his QQ (he correctly folded to my flop c-bet). Then I cracked his KK with my AK (in the BB) on your standard AAA flop and extracted 3 streets of value-town betting to get him basically crippled.

The other huge limit hand where I got paid off was vs. a shorty and three other players. I capped it preflop with JJ and extracted many additional bets vs. a 2-pr hand and a hitchhiker who liked the ace on the turn. Valuetown, baby!

I busted another player defending my BB with 34s when I check-raised your standard straight flush draw vs. TPTK on the K56 flop and he insta-called and I got there with the nut straight on the turn with a deuce.

It ultimately got down to headsup with me holding a relatively narrow chiplead. My edge in limit really took over. I also caught a big bluff in NL with my (fifth!) AA of the night on a 5757K board (two flush draws didn't get there) and got the pot away from K9 that rivered a pair.

The structure was awesome and I am glad we got a chance to try one used by the WSoP.

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