Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mini-report on Friday live deepstack cash game

I was simply card dead and folded a lot.

I got four pairs in five hours of play (33 - won a small pot; 88 - chopped a medium pot; TT - lost a small pot; AA - won a big pot).

I managed to book a profit of $100 on the night (I bought in for $200) mostly because my one premium hand of the evening didn't get cracked. My pocket aces survived five preflop callers (yes, my UTG raise to 8 BBs got no respect despite my super-tight table image ... most of the players were oblivious to such things and were bound and determined, come hell or high water, to see a flop and consequently the game saw a lot of showdowns between very mediocre hands) when my opponent made kings up on the river only because the board had previously paired up (final board read K2726); so his kings and sixes were outgunned by my aces and deuces.

Sadly, more than half of my profit for the session is bound over to the city for a parking ticket -- I narrowly avoided being towed, ugh -- now that is a bad beat. Somehow this blogger's fancier vehicle escaped the clutches of the tow truck, but given his much worse luck at the poker tables that night, I guess I should be grateful to have incurred the extra $25 towing fee. Things could always be worse.

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Riggstad said...

somehow I get the image of a "MINI COOPER" in my head when you write about "this bloggers fancier vehicle"...

It's so ghey it has to be the car he drives :)