Saturday, May 3, 2008

Brief SnG report

Last night featured a deepstack 9-player SnG at FCPC.

Couldn't get much going; was very card dead in nearly six hours of play. QQ was my best hand all night, only won the blinds as I was the UTG raiser. Had AK four times ... and chopped three times and took the blinds down once. I was dealt one JJ, one TT, and three small pairs.

Two highlights:
I flopped a set of fours and busted Fuel when he semibluffed on the turn with a nut flush draw. He was short-stacked (I had him covered by about 10K) and so I made a weak lead on the turn hoping he'd come over the top. He obliged and my bottom set held up.

The second notable hand occured when I raised Simon with 56s from LP on an A6Q6 board (everyone had checked around on the flop) and called his 3-bet shove. He tabled ... 63o(!) and we chopped it up. Personally I thought I was making a crying call but I am still amazed that he 3-bet with such a crappy hand that can't really beat much of my range when I raise in position on the turn. I was priced in to call so his 3-bet really struck me as odd, because my turn raise represents a better 6 or a slowplayed monster (AA, QQ, A6 or Q6).

I ultimately busted out about 6 hours in with the blinds at 1K/2K with a 300 ante with an M of 7 or so when I 3-bet shoved (my first 3-bet in 2+hrs) on the button with A2s for 22K. Grant in the small blind decided to call 20 bets cold ... with KJs. (Nice call! Then again this was the same guy who had recently donated nearly half of his stack with Q9 vs. a squeeze from Cathy's QQ.) Of course the flop was AKK and I go home now.

Great structure, love the format, but boy was it excruciatingly painful to fold and fold and fold for so long. Definitely a plus EV situation for me; I just need a larger sample size to turn a profit. At least I was freerolling this tourney from my cash game winnings the week before.


Simon said...

i didnt have 63o, you have mis-remembered the crucial facts.

Shrike said...

My bad. Was it 63s?

Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

you busted fuel, some +ev in bragging rights.