Sunday, February 14, 2010

Post-birthday "gift"

This is not a disguised bad beat post. Rather, it's an example of how much +EV you can find in a good PLO8 cash game.

PLO8 really can be a low variance bankroll builder. The poker gods just decided I had to suck up a loss this time, but I'll take this gamble every day. Let's look at the equities here:

Omaha Hi/Lo Simulation

board: Tc Th 2h
Hand Pot equity
3c 3d 7h 6h 8.81%
As Kh 2s 2c 68.94%
Ah 5h Qh 9h 3.31%
8s Ac Ad 4h 18.94%

This is just a fantastic value for money in a spot like this. Look at the money odds I was getting to hold up with my underfull! Much of the time I will scoop and nearly all of the time I will take half of the pot 4-ways for a phenomenal expected profit.


DrChako said...

I suppose I'm not folding there either given the stakes and pot-odds, but post-flop you are faced with a pot-sized bet and two all-ins in front of you. You have to suspect one of them has a 10, meaning that despite what the stat checker said, your EV should have been much lower in your mind.

But what do I know?


Shrike said...

I was very surprised not to be up against any Tx hands, for sure. But I still can't fold getting those odds.