Saturday, January 30, 2010

A quiet January

I haven't blogged at all this month.

So, here are a few observations from what has been a very busy month:

the Olympics are going to feature a lot of genuine excitement, but at a very high cost to the BC taxpayer;

the city's inhabitants (read: not visitors) will probably riot if Canada's men's hockey team doesn't win the gold medal (after all, that's what happened when the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup in '94);

my nephew Oliver is a real handful and if he grows up to the size I expect, the Canucks will draft him in 2028 (I'l be reponsible for teaching him to skate in a couple of years);

I'll probably treat myself to a session of live PLO for my birthday in a couple of weeks (but the Olympic traffic jams will certainly make it difficult).

NB. The Canucks are really, really good this year. We might well get a change to avenge last year's loss to the Blackhawks in the playoffs. Which means I'll likely have some bets on the series and try to get even myself!


lightning36 said...

This has quickly become a real rivalry. My thoughts:

1) I hate your friggin' team.
2) The Blackhawks have had a harder time with the Canucks than any other team so far this season.
3) Barring injuries or something unexpected, my guess is that one of these two teams will be playing in the Cup finals.
4)Luongo is one hell of a goaltender.
5) Your team is just good enough for you to be padding my wallet later this spring.

We really wish the playoffs could begin now. I hope the Olympics layoff doesn't change things.

The Hawks just seem so balanced this year. Hawks fans are just giddy after finally getting a team after having seen such crap for over ten years.

Yowsa -- the playoffs will be great!

Memphis MOJO said...

The Olympics will be a pain for you in some ways, but the bottom line is that is should be *very* exciting.

OhCaptain said...

Nice to see you can still type.