Monday, November 3, 2008

Poker: Hobby, Pastime or a Grind

I've been doing a lot of thinking about why I play (or don't play) poker just as my Bar exams come to pass and I prepare for a long-overdue adventure in the legal world. I've been asking myself, what do I want to do with poker once my life changes?

Well, the simple fact is that I enjoy a lot of varieties of poker, and most of them aren't regularly spread in local casinos: various split-pot games, for the most part, which are simply not in demand by live players around here. That means I'd best look online for an opportunity to play those games.

This, in turn, means I need to develop a good foundation if I want to be a winning player. A good poker setup at my home office, proper use of a tracking database to examine my own tendencies and spot potential flaws, and so forth.

It also means I should shop around and consider opening an account at various poker sites if they offer some of the games I want to play. If I do, you can be sure I'll try to take advantage of two kinds of bonuses offered to new players: sign-up bonuses offered by the site itself, and a referral bonus offered by an affiliate program. The latter usually pays you back, in regular intervals, a percentage of the rake you normally pay out to the site for every hand you play. A good example that I'm strongly considering is ThisIsTheNuts, since it offers over a dozen opportunities at various poker rooms.

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