Friday, July 11, 2008

The Bard Is No Longer Beached

I love dry wit.

In this story, a Washington, D.C. librarian was presented with a 400 year-old book by a man who asked that it be authenticated. It turned out that this was a stolen First Folio volume of Shakespeare's plays, printed in 1623.

This quote in particular cracked me up: "We have people come to us from time to time with questions about books," said Garland Scott, head of external relations at the library, one of the world's leading centers of Shakespearean research. "It's not every day that someone walks in with a First Folio." [The man claimed to be an international businessman who bought the volume in Cuba]

Plans are underway to return the stolen volume -- conservatively valued at 30M US$ -- to Durham University in England, missing since its theft in 1998.

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